Friday, January 28, 2011

An Excel source pipeline section for collective.transmogrifier

Using xlrd, and based on CSV source section, I've written a pipeline section to read data stored inside Excel spreadsheets.

The code looks like this:

import xlrd

    from zope.interface import classProvides
    from zope.interface import implements

    from collective.transmogrifier.interfaces import ISection
    from collective.transmogrifier.interfaces import ISectionBlueprint
    from collective.transmogrifier.utils import resolvePackageReferenceOrFile

    class ExcelReader:
        def __init__(self, f, s, *args, **kwds):
            self.fieldnames = None
            book = xlrd.open_workbook(f)
            sheet = book.sheet_by_name(s)
            self.reader = list()
            for row in range(0, sheet.nrows):
                self.reader.append([sheet.cell_value(row, col)
                                    for col in range(0, sheet.ncols)])
            self.reader = iter(self.reader)

        def __iter__(self):
            return self

        def next(self):
            row =
            if self.fieldnames is None:
                self.fieldnames = row
                row =
            return dict(zip(self.fieldnames, row))

    class ExcelSource(object):

        def __init__(self, transmogrifier, name, options, previous):
            self.previous = previous

            filename = resolvePackageReferenceOrFile(options['filename'])
            sheet = options['sheet']

            self.reader = ExcelReader(filename, sheet)

        def __iter__(self):
            for item in self.previous:
                yield item

            for item in self.reader:
                yield item

The pipeline section assumes that the field names are in the first row of the spreadsheet. Note also the use of iter() to convert the list of rows into an iterator.

To use the pipeline section you only need to add something like this in your transmogrifier's configuration:

blueprint = your.package.excelsource
filename = excel_book
sheet = sheet_inside_the_book

Remember to register the utility in your configure.zcml file:


xlrd supports Excel spreadsheets up to version 2007.